About Us

Dynamic Engineering Services, Inc. is a professional construction management firm, located in the City of Corona.  DESI is a California Corporation and it specializes in providing construction management and related services to the Cities, Counties, State, and other transportation agencies on transportation improvement projects.  DESI is a sub-consultant to other larger firms. It is our goal to provide high quality service that is cost effective and responsive.

Dynamic Engineering Services, Inc. established in 2008.  DESI has two principles with combine experiences of more than 50 years in the transportation infrastructure industry.  Because DESI is a small firm, our principles provide hands-on day-to-day services to our clients.

DESI is a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Women Owned / Minority Business Enterprise (W/MBE), Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) and Under-Utilized Business Enterprise (UDBE).