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Constructability Review

Construction Management

Project Management

Contract Administration

Construction Quality Assurance Inspection 

(Specialize in Traffic Signal, Highway & Street Lighting and Communication Systems inspection)

​Office Engineering

Utility Coordination & Relocation

Claims Mitigation & Resolution

Labor Compliance Monitoring

Prevailing Wage Enforcement

Environmental Monitoring & Inspection

SWPPP Monitoring & Inspection

QSP/QSD Training

Construction Workers


Dynamic Engineering Services, Inc. (DESI) is a professional Construction Management firm located in the City of Corona.  DESI is a California Corporation established in 2008; it specializes in providing Construction Management, Contract Administration, and Quality Assurance Inspection Services to Cities, Counties, State, and transportation agencies for transportation related improvement projects.  DESI is a Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Women-Owned and Minority Business Enterprise (W/MBE), Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE), and Underutilized Business Enterprise (UDBE).  It is our goal to provide our clients high quality service that is COST EFFECTIVE AND RESPONSIVE.


DESI has provided Construction Management Services to local transportation agencies in the Inland Empire Region for the past twelve (12) years.  DESI’s expertise includes, Construction Management, Contract Administration, Roadway Quality Assurance Inspections, as well as many other specialized areas like Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program Monitoring and Inspection; Environmental Monitoring and Inspection; Labor Compliance Monitoring, Prevailing Wage Enforcement, Traffic Signal, Street and Highway Lighting, Fiber Optic Communication, and CCTV Systems Coordination and Inspection.  DESI has established a great working relationship with our clients, providing high quality services on time and within budget.  In addition, DESI staff has a wide range of project experience from mini projects to high profile complicated projects using different contracting methods including traditional Design-Bid-Build, Design-Sequencing and Design-Build. 


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Corona, CA

DIR Registration Number



DBE CUCP #39638



Current Projects

OCTA, I-5 Roadway Widening Project, Segment 1

SBCTA, SR-210 Roadway Widening and Baseline Road Interchange Project

RCTD, Avenue 66th Grade Separation Project

RCTC, I-15 Railroad Canyon Interchange Project

Cathedral City, Cathedral Canyon Low Bridge Crossing Project

Indio, Jackson Street OH Seismic Retrofit Project

SBCTA, SR-60 Archibald Interchange Project

Palm Desert, San Pablo Streetscape Phase I & Phase II Projects

La Quinta, La Quinta Village Complete Street 

RCTC, SR-60 Truck Climbing Lane Project

SBCTA, SR-60 Central Avenue Interchange Improvement Project

SBCTA, I-10 Landscape Maintenance Project

Caltrans District 8, Construction Management On-Call 

Caltrans District 8, CM Specialty On-Call

El Monte, Flair Spectrum Development



Indio, Monroe Traffic Signal Interconnect Project


Indio, Monroe Traffic Signal Interconnect Project


RCTD, I-15 Limonite Interchange Project


Corona, I-15 Cajalco Interchange Project


Temecula, I-15/SR-79 Interchange Project


SBCTA, Monte Vista Grade Separation Project


SBCTA, SR-210 Pepper Interchange Project


SBCTA, I-10 Pepper Interchange Project


SBCTA, I-15 Baseline Rd. Interchange Project


SBCTA, I-10 Tippecanoe Interchange Project, Phase II


SBCTA, Lenwood Grade Separation Project


SBCTA, I-15 Ranchero Interchange Project


RCTD, I-10 Jefferson St. Interchange Project

RCTD, I-215 Newport Rd. Interchange Project

RCTD, Magnolia Avenue Grade Separation Project

RCTD, I-215 Van Buren Interchange Project

Palm Desert, I-10 Monterey Ramp Modification Project

Apple Valley, Yucca Loma Bridge Replacement Project

Fontana, I-15 Duncan Canyon Interchange 

Rialto, Safe Route to School Project

RCTD, River Road Bridge Replacement Project

RCTD, SR-79 Roadway Widening Project




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